Package forwarding | Shop and Ship

Did you ever fill your cart with your favorite products on an online store to know at checkout that they don’t ship to your country? Annoying right? We understand how frustrating shipping restrictions can be, and that’s why we have come up with the best shop and ship services. Global Shopaholics is one of the best package forwarding companies in the US and provides cost-effective mail forwarding services. We specifically deal with package forwarding from the USA and ship your favorite products from the US to countries worldwide.

Now, why you need an American address? You need an American address to enjoy all perks US residents enjoy and avoid shipping restrictions. Online stores in USA sometimes have discounts, timed offers, or free shipping offers for US residents only. With your own US address, you can shop and ship as Americans do. Having a mail address in US also enables you to shop without shipping restrictions.

We work by providing you an American address to use at checkout to get your packages delivered at our warehouse. We receive your packages, process them, repack them as per international standards, and ship them to your address. We also accommodate your special requests, i.e., removing show boxes, adding bubble wrap, etc. to customize mail forwarding to improve your experience. Avail of discounts from different online stores with our mail forwarding services. Save money on package forwarding from USA with our repacking services, photos, package consolidation, and other facilities. Register today to enjoy smooth mail forwarding from the US.