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Medical Clinic

You are in safe hands when on Mustique.

The Medical Clinic on the island is run by Dr Michael Bunbury.  Michael qualified from Cambridge University and served as a Medical officer to the British Army for seven years.  He has spent the past 25 years running the island’s clinic, providing excellent health care to guests and the local community. He also extends his services to St Vincent, running HIV and Diabetic Clinics on behalf of our Charitable Foundation.

The island is very safe for guests of all ages and vaccinations are not required.  There is an island pharmacy but we do advise guests to travel with essential medication.  In the unlikely event of an emergency, medical evacuation can be arranged and guests are taken to hospitals in either Martinique or Miami.

Should you have any queries please read our Health Advice sheet or alternatively please contact the Clinic at or call +1 784 488 8353.