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IVF Couriers | Eggs, embryos, sperm shipping worldwide. No X-Ray Safe Pass

  • We always transport frozen donor eggs, embryos and sperm in a highly specialised container. These containers come fully supplied with sensitive and accurate data loggers to ensure consistent temperatures.
  • We always ensure that -196 C is maintained throughout the transportation process.
  • We make sure that your priceless cryomaterials are never exposed to X-rays at any point during transportation, as we know that they can cause degenerative changes to genetic materials.     
  • We use only dry shipping containers that have been approved by the International Air transport Association (IATA). 

Shipment geography. EU and non-EU countries

Our couriers cover all continents, including Australia and Latin America. We have already performed more than 500 shipments to Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia, Ghana, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. We make more than 200 deliveries each year, and our couriers and logistics team are trusted by key fertility clinics in Europe, North America, Asia and beyond.

We are industry leaders in delivering frozen cells for ED and surrogacy cycles from European Union to non-EU countries (including from the Ukraine and Russia) and vice versa.