Pitt Pharmacy Portfolio

Dear PharmD Student,

Welcome to your e-portfolio site!

The Educational Support Staff and faculty members of the Curriculum Assessment Committee have created this site for you. Their goal was to facilitate your process of creating your professional portfolio. Your portfolio is personal because it is your vehicle for collecting and presenting the evidence that you are progressing in your mastery of the curricular outcomes. It should include your reflections and comments.

The portfolio is your opportunity to shine. I know that you will apply yourself to creating your portfolio in a thoughtful and deliberate manner. As Doris Dillon(1) states, “The creation of a professional portfolio requires careful effort.” She compares it to a garden, saying, “It takes planning and hard work, requires the weeding out of unnecessary elements, and promotes positive feelings. You should be proud to show it off!”


Dean Kroboth

(1)Doris Dillon served on the English/Language Arts Committee of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.