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Medication Qty Retail Your Price Savings
HYDROCODONE/ACETAMINOPHEN TAB 5-500MG 30 $36.28 $13.67 62.00%
HYDROCODONE/ACETAMINOPHEN TAB 10-325MG 30 $49.41 $18.17 63.00%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB 0.5MG 30 $38.88 $7.66 80.00%
AZITHROMYCIN TAB 250MG 6 $74.42 $14.96 79.00%
TRAMADOL HCL TAB 50MG 30 $45.03 $10.23 77.00%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB 2MG 30 $79.23 $13.85 82.00%
ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE TAB 10MG 30 $164.66 $11.75 92.00%
AMOXICILLIN CAP 500MG 28 $26.39 $9.97 62.00%
CLONAZEPAM TAB 1MG 30 $37.72 $10.66 71.00%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB 1MG 30 $48.97 $7.66 84.00%
PHENTERMINE HCL TAB 37.5MG 30 $72.01 $22.37 68.00%
CLONAZEPAM TAB 0.5MG 30 $34.98 $10.66 69.00%
CYCLOBENZAPRINE HCL TAB 10MG 30 $53.68 $12.57 76.00%
AMLODIPINE BESYLATE TAB 10MG 30 $83.63 $12.77 84.00%
CARISOPRODOL TAB 350MG 120 $406.56 $24.98 93.00%

Pricing is based on the purchase of a standard monthly supply. The retail price is the average price requested from pharmacies during the last 30 days before the discount is applied. Pricing is subject to change. Chart updated 12/13/12.

We’ve got a few really good reasons why our free drug card is different than all the other prescription discount cards out there. (Aside from the savings of course…) Here’s what sets us apart:

1) Personal Privacy
We consider your personal information to be private and it will never be sold or shared to insurance companies or other service providers. Keep in mind that it is legal for others to do this, we just don’t think it’s ethical. Enjoy the savings and don’t pay a price for it later!

2) Tools To Save You More
Be sure to try out our Drug/Pharmacy Lookup Tool! This handy application will present you with options for generic drugs as well as therapeutic alternatives that are in the same class. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars on a prescription. Found a potential cost saving alternative? Contact your doctor to see if it will meet your needs.

3) Supports Local Pharmacies
Pharmacists love us because we don’t try to convert customers to high profit mail order that steals customers away from the local economy. We are backed by a national group of independent pharmacists who support our program.

Want to see how our prescription card compares to other discount cards out there? We did the research on over 10 other programs for average discount and supported pharmacies. Here are the results.

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