Shacman Trucks for Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Tank-Weld Group of Companies (TW) loaded a vessel with 11 units of trucks and heavy equipment, bound for Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), on Sunday, May 16, from its Sufferance Port at Rio Bueno in Trelawny. The units are being provided, on very generous terms, in response to the eruption of the La Soufrière Volcano in SVG. The units will aid in the clean-up efforts on the islands.

Tank-Weld Group CEO Chris Bicknell saw where TW could provide much-needed support to Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines and wanted to help. “It is without hesitation that we provide any assistance we can to our Caribbean neighbours in their time of need and hope that the equipment aids in their speedy recovery,” said Bicknell.


Barbados will be receiving seven water-sprinkling trucks with high-pressure water hoses, front and rear water jets for road washing, and a rear water cannon. These trucks have a 14,000 litre capacity and will be a great addition to the volcano clean-up efforts. St Vincent and the Grenadines will receive two water-sprinkling trucks and a Shantui Frontend Loader. Tank-Weld Group also arranged concessionary shipping terms for a vessel that services the Caribbean area to transport the items.

In addition, the company will be providing a suite of parts, hat will allow for all units to go through a first service. To help with this process, the company will be guiding the mechanics in Barbados and SVG in proper care and maintenance to ensure optimum output of the units to assist in the clean-up efforts.

Since 2010, TW has come to the aid of its Caribbean neighbours in the wake of disasters. It first came to the aid of SVG in the wake of Tropical Storm Tomas, with supplies of building materials and then, similarly, again to the aid of Dominica in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

The supplying of heavy equipment and trucks to its Caribbean neighbours will be a historic first step of a substantial future. The company is mindful of the enormous trade deficit between Jamaica and its Caribbean neighbours and believes that the substantial logistics facility, with 440,000 sq ft of warehouse space at Rio Bueno, places it in a unique position to lead as a regional supplier.