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Crew change possible


Feasible ports

Port Kelang, Malacca, Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang

Restricted ports

Kuantan, Penang, and East Malaysia Ports.

Nationalities restricted

India , Sri Lanka , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Nepal.

Restrictions where last port was high risk country


a) Temporary restrictions are imposed on inbound and outbound flights from India where similar restrictions have already been implemented by several other countries; and

b) All travelers are required to undergo the COVID19 RT PCR detection test three (3) days prior to departure and only negative test results can board the flight to enter Malaysia.

c) All travelers must undergo the COVID19 RT PCR detection test upon arrival at the International Entrance.

d) The compulsory quarantine period for Malaysian and non -citizen travelers who have been granted permission to enter Malaysia from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan has been extended from 14 days to 21 days at quarantine stations designated by the Government.

e) The implementation of the mandatory quarantine order for a period of 21 days on Malaysian travelers and non -citizens who are given permission to enter Malaysia arriving from INDIA IS MAINTAINED.

f) The compulsory quarantine period from ALL OTHER COUNTRIES is extended from 10 days to 14 days at quarantine stations designated by the Government. However, the 14-day quarantine period will be extended for another 7 days (making the total quarantine 21 days) if there is a need based on the results of the risk assessment that has been conducted on the 14th day. This additional quarantine will be carried out at the same quarantine station.

g) COVID-19 RT-PCR repeat test is to be performed on the 10th day. If the quarantine period is extended to 21 days, the COVID-19 RT-PCR repeat test would be performed on the 18th day.

h) Ships with a history of travel from India within 14 days are not allowed to sign-off procedure in Malaysia unless the crew is a Malaysian citizen;

i) Permission for the entry of cargo ships from India is by the following procedure:
• The ship’s crew is not allowed to disembark;
• Procedures in container management only involve port employees; and
• All pilots who bring ships close to the pier wear appropriate PPE and practice physical confinement.

International flights allowed


Medical Facility availability for non-covid issues


Procedure if crew covid-19 positive on arrival

If the COVID-19 test result is POSITIVE or the crew shows significant epidemic symptoms for the Sign-On or Sign-Off process, the crew and its Shipping Company must notify MOH through the Compliance Health Office immediately within 2 hours after obtaining the test results filters.
Further action against the crew is subject to instructions from MOH, the crew is NOT ALLOWED to:
i) Return to residence
ii) Move to ship / port
iii) Move to / from any exit / entry country
iv) Transit in any area in Malaysia and
v) Leaving the screening test area.

Note :-
It is also informed that the mandatory quarantine cost for 14 days must be fully borne by the employer based on the agreed cost. Each individual involved must also sign the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU) form as an agreement to pay Quarantine Costs.
Agent shall not be held responsible should there be any additional charges incurred due to last minute changes on the procedure set by the Local Authorities.

Min. lead days req. for crew change arrangements

5 days before arrival

Crew change comments

Sign Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (Lou)
Any person travelling to MALAYSIA is required to download and complete the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity Letter (Lou) through the following links: –
i. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia:
ii. National Disaster Management Agency of Malaysia:
iii. Immigration Department of Malaysia:
iv. Ministry of Health of Malaysia:
v. Ministry of Transport of Malaysia:
vi. Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia:

CREW CHANGE AT PORT KELANG, MALACCA, (on condition that vessel must have cargo operations at the mentioned ports)
Crew Change is only allowed to perform at berth / wharf and not at anchorage.

For Sign On Crew

Sign On Crew must arrive 21 days before vessel arrive at Port Kelang, 3 days for flight arrangement, 14 days for quarantine

Foreign On-Signing Crew MUST carry out Test at home country (preferably from Government Hospital) and recognized by Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH).
The test result provided to KLIA MOH must be in English or Bahasa Malaysia only (MOH do not entertain other languages). The test should be done at home country with validity 3 days prior to arrival at KLIA.
It is advisable that the crew to download “My Sejahtera Apps’ for bar-code scanning before arrival at KLIA.

For Crew that does not perform CORVID-19 test at home country, it is compulsory for the crew to under-go swap Test (Rapid Antigen Test) upon arrival at KLIA
Immigration officers at the entrance (e.g. KLIA Airport) can provide a Special Pass for thirty (30) days to the crew entering Malaysia for the purpose of Sign-On.
All crews who sign-on at any port in Malaysia are subject to the COVID-19 health test recognized by the MOH as below:
i)For On Signing Crews on arrival, the test is performed at the entrance (e.g. KLIA Airport):

ii) For crews of Malaysian citizens or foreign nationals who are in the country, the COVID-19 test is performed in the port area aboard the ship.

If the COVID-19 crew test results are found to be NEGATIVE, the crew MUST conduct quarantine for 14 days at the Quarantine Center determined by the MOH or the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA)
The second COVID-19 test will be conducted on the 12th day. If the crew results are found to be NEGATIVE, the crew can be allowed by the MOH to:
i) Leave the Quarantine Center; and
ii) Delivered to ship for boarding without any delay and
without transit or overnight in any area.

For the purpose of support for the release of Sign-On Foreign Crews, proof of supporting documents such as Employment Offer Letter and Letter of Guarantee must be submitted as a reference at the entrance as proof that the ship is in the port.
The release of the movement of foreign crews from Quarantine Station by any Government Agency is subject to proof of travel / ship documents submitted.


Agent must submit application for Crew Sign Off to Health / Immigration & Marine department 4 days prior ship arrive Port Kelang.
Documents required for Documents required for application.
– New Passport / Seaman book copy.
– E-ticket COPY
– Crew List
– Voyage memo

Ship agent to arrange with Medical Personnel once ship alongside at Port Kelang for the crew to undergo COVID-19 test (at wharf side). All Expenses incurred shall be paid by the Owner (Cash Term only)


Port / vessel restriction comments

Any ships that have departed or transitted within the past 14 days from any countries that have been declared at risk (Indian Sub continent) by Minister of Health Malaysia (MOH), shall be put in quarantine status upon arrival at Malaysian port and have to fly the Yellow Flag (Quebec) until cleared by the Port Health Officers. This order is also applicable to any ships where its crew member has explicit COVID-19 symptoms
Vessel will be quarantine at pier or anchorage and Port Health Officers will board the ship for health check. All crew must undergo screening inspection by Port Health Officer and comply with the quarantine and isolation procedure, subject to approval from Port Health Officer.
Ships are allowed to carry out cargo operations if all crew members are in good health.
Prior to arrival, agent would requires the following information from the Master for submission to Port Health.
1) Health Questionaries ( to be fill-up as provided by agent)
2) List of Port Call (last 10 port call)
3) Crew / Passenger List

The above guidelines are applicable for all the ports in Malaysia Ports.

Port closure or delays


Rebates & tariff availability



Cruise port calls allowed


Do TRANSIT passengers (PAX) need a visa?


Type of TRANSIT visa, duration and cost

The transit visa is issued to travelers who will be entering to Malaysia on transit to other countries.

However, if the traveler will not be leaving the airport they are not required to get the transit visa. A transit visa for Malaysia is needed only if the person will be leaving the airport and staying in Malaysia for a short period of time.

Because certain countries do not enjoy visa-free entry to Malaysia, a free transit pass can be obtained for stays of up to 120 hours when transiting through Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Do EMBARKING passengers (PAX) need a visa?


Type of EMBARKING visa, duration and cost

Single Entry Visa
This is issued to foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Malaysia mainly for a social visit. It is normally valid for a single entry and for a period of three (3) months from the date of issue.
Cost :- Varies. Visa Fee According To The Country

Do DISEMBARKING passengers (PAX) need a visa?


Type of DISEMBARKING visa, duration and cost

Travelers who require visa to enter Malaysia and wish to disembark the cruise ship at any of the Malaysian port must have valid Malaysia visa before sailing. Visa is not required if the passenger do not wish to disembark the cruise ship.
Cost :- Varies. Visa Fee According To The Country

Restricted countries


Passenger restrictions for ship from HRC


Passenger restrictions if entry visa from HRC


Passenger vaccination requirements


Will vaccination checks take place


Passenger insurance requirements


Landing cards / ship’s ID / visa copy requirements


Local dress code or cultural restrictions

Dress decently There is no specific dress code for visitors in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Max/min cash that can be carried

Max U$ 10,000

Are tourists permitted to drive vehicles

Yes if the tourist possesses an international driving license.

Emergency contact numbers

+ 603 88810200 / 600 /700 MOH (CPRC)

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