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Healthy KentSuicide Prevention Coalition

The Healthy Kent Suicide Prevention Coalition is a partnership of over 30 individuals and organizations working to eliminate suicide deaths in Kent County MI. The Coalition meets at these times at the Kent County Health Department. The Coalition receives funding from network180 and is an initiative of Healthy Kent 2020.

2012 Annual Report |  2012 Suicide Data
Survivor Outreach Program
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Healthy Kent2013 Decision Trees

The Infant Health Implementation Team (IHIT) has updated the Decision Trees for 15 different topics. They are applicable to both women and their children unless specifically identified in the title of the Tree. The Decision Trees are to help you assist your clients / patients in accessing the resources they need to have a successful pregnancy and healthy children. By using the Decision Trees, you help assure that families are getting to the services they need. Please feel free to print them for your clients.

The 2009 Community Health Indicators Report provides an overview of key health indicators for Kent County. Each indicator is an important health issue by itself, but together, these indicators help us understand that there are many factors that matter to the health of individuals and communities. This report tracts indicators over time and compares Kent County to Michigan and the Nation. The report also benchmarks the most recent data to data collected in 2002. It is intended to be the basis for generalized statements about whether health in Kent County is improving, declining or staying the same.