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Barrel-It Caribbean Shipping

I contacted Mr. S. Winter in the middle of December 2010. He delivered me a barrel (in Park Slope, Brooklyn) for $34 and a week later he was there to pick it up and ship it for a competitive rate. Working with customs on the other end has been difficult, but I have my barrel and I’m glad that I trusted Mr. Winter. Just be realistic about your timeline, shipping takes about four weeks.

By TC January 20, 2011 at 03:15 PM

Inez Pinnock

dissatisfaction over the misinformation of my barrel manifest

i shipped 2 barrels 15 days apart with two separate recipients and ports of entry in jamaica only to learn that one barrel was sent to mobay and the other to kgn door-door. I paid for each one to be sent to mobay and paid $75 for each. the 1st barrel was picked up on the 15th of june and the 2nd june 30th. How did they cross each other and no one can explain what happened. Are all my personal things there? Only time will tell when I go to ja next week. lets hope everything is there.

By Inez Pinnock August 01, 2009 at 01:23 PM

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Can you help me ship some boxes (or barrel) of metal wall art from Port Au Prince, Haiti to Brookllyn?

By John Fortman on October 08, 2013

Hi, Would like to know how much is it to ship a barrel to Panama, do you provide door to door service, is there a pick up cost for the recipient and what are your next shipping date?

By Constancia on March 01, 2013

do you have a location in Portland, Oregon or do you know of any shipping agencies who ship barrels from Portland to Barbados

By Nancy Bowen on August 23, 2012 Read all comments

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