BimPAK is a U.S. private mail box service that allows you to have your online purchases delivered to a Miami address and then forwarded to you. With your own U.S mailing address you can enjoy all the benefits with U.S retailers without the complications, hassle and high cost of shipping. BimPAK makes ordering goods as easy as living there. With BimPAK it’s as good as delivered, grab the bargains you want from the U.S.A and leave the rest to us. There’s nothing stopping your shopping.


  • Speed and Reliability
  • Convenience – You can make payments and collect your items at any Laparkan office
  • Competitive rates with no sign up fee
  • Tracking: Track your items online at your convenience
  • Service: Is our highest priority

Every time you shop you save…

It’s fast and reliable, as soon as your purchases arrive in your mailbox, we’ll ship it to you. You get all the benefits of international shipping but at low delivery prices.