McDaid Pharmacy Is Working to Be a One-Stop Online Pharmacy for the Irish Market

CAVAN, IRELAND / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2021 / The Ireland-based pharmacy group has put together a robust online presence, complete with an online store that offers consumers hundreds of products spread over several categories. They ship orders to all counties in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Online shopping has become ever more important in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even when lockdown orders aren’t forcing citizens to stay indoors, online shopping makes it easier for individuals in the disease’s risk group to stay isolated and protect themselves. And among all the goods that people rely on to live normally, pharmacy goods are at the top of the list, making the work of institutions like McDaid Pharmacy now more important than ever.

McDaid Pharmacy is a family-owned business based in the border counties located both North and South of Ireland. Operated by a group of chemists, McDaid has put together one of the best online pharmacies in the region, one that offers some of the best value in health and beauty products in Ireland.

McDaid is a PSI-certified online pharmacy that sells all sorts of non-prescription medications and medical supplies. Including eye care medication, supplies to help patients stop smoking, skincare products, vitamins, baby supplies, and more. The online store also has a whole section dedicated to Covid-19 supplies, where shoppers can find basic necessities like masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and more.

Their goal is to be a one-stop shop for online customers in Ireland and the UK. And their large assortment of products makes this a realistic goal. And although the pharmacy can’t sell prescribed medication online, they do offer a prescription collection and delivery service. It involves sending couriers to the patient’s home so they can get the prescription, fill it, and then return to the patient with the medication they need.

Presently McDaids pharmacy serves clients in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the mainland United Kingdom. Orders over €25 get free shipping for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

On top of its strong online presence, McDaid also has several physical locations across Ireland and Northern Ireland. That’s where they provide a variety of healthcare services. Including the following:

  • Cardiovascular screening, which includes a blood pressure test, cholesterol test, BMI measurement, and more;
  • Emergency contraception, with morning-after pills being available for patients after a consultation with the pharmacist;
  • Flu vaccination service, a service that is provided for free for patients from certain risk groups;
  • Glucose testing, which is free for all diabetics.

McDaid also offers a variety of non-health-related services and conveniences in their stores such as photo printing, click and collect, prescription collect and delivery, passport photos, gift cards, and more.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about self-care and other related topics can also check the company’s two blogs. They have one focused on health in general, and a second one focused on beauty topics.


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