The Diabetes and Hypertension Association of Barbados is proud to announce the launch of its logo. Sweat and tears were invested in ensuring that this logo honoured the forefathers of the Association while embracing the future we are forging for all citizens of this great nation.

The blue is symbolic of the decision taken by the international community for this colour to be representative of diabetes.

The blue circle signifies the unity and responsiveness of the global diabetes community to the rising number of people affected by diabetes.

The heartbeat tracing is representative of a beating heart and, and at its broadest interpretation, life.

The use of orange, which complements the blue, is associated with encouragement and enthusiasm which we wish to share with all who join the fight against these diseases.

While the Association’s mandate is now shared between diabetes and hypertension, they do not define who we are. The use of the map of Barbados draws attention to our nation, our history, our dreams and visions for Barbados and we seek to ensure that our identity is not lost through ill health and disease.

In pulling these elements together, we have a powerful representation on our focus to embrace Support, Education, Advocacy and Screening as we seek to turn the tide and achieve equitable health for all, balanced expenditure on the multiple sectors of the economy, social well-being and a resurgence in national pride.