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Abortion Pill vs. Surgical Abortion Price

Deciding to have an abortion can be challenging, but what is more challenging is to choose the best and effective abortion pill process. So here we have a simple explanation for medical termination pill price and surgical abortion price-

Medical Abortion-

Medical abortion or also commonly known as home abortion is the process advised by doctors when your pregnancy is up to 10 weeks wherein surgical abortion is not required. The abortion pill kit which is also known as MTP Kit is commonly used for conducting a medical abortion. Reasons, why women should opt for medical abortion, are listed below-

· The procedure of terminating the pregnancy using abortion tablets is less costly and it is a non-invasive process. As compared to surgical abortion where you are required to pay more, for medical abortion you need not even spend half of it.

· It is completely safe, recommended by experts, and very effective. 

· Women can easily conduct this procedure at home which fulfills the criteria of privacy as well which also lets you get support from your loved ones.

· It does not feel like a full-fledged process as it is more natural, feels almost like a miscarriage or heavy vaginal bleeding. 

Surgical Abortion-

Surgical abortion is one of the common and safest performed procedures which many women undergo throughout the year due to various reasons. This process is recommended to women experiencing pregnancy above 11-12 weeks. In comparison to medical abortion surgical abortion is quite expensive and it also depends on the condition of women. This procedure is conducted with the help of anesthesia and surgical instruments. Here are a few advantages of choosing surgical abortion-

· It is a safe and highly successful method to eradicate pregnancy wherein it is performed by specialized doctors.

· Surgical abortion is possible even after 10 weeks of pregnancy.  

· Women experience fewer side-effects after/ during the surgery is conducted.

· It involves only one visit to the clinic.

· Surgical abortion is highly recommended if the pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus).

Therefore, choosing the abortion pill or surgery completely depends upon the duration of pregnancy and preference of the lady. But in most first trimester cases if the women choose to end the pregnancy, she is always recommended to go for a medical abortion.

Abortion Pill-Home Abortion Solution

An abortion pill is the best method of ceasing an early pregnancy wherein the abortion pill process can be conducted at home with complete convenience. It is generally conducted in the 1st trimester (up to 10 weeks). So is providing medications that help prevent pregnancy successfully. The procedure is conducted with the usage of two important and essential medicines. The first termination pill is Mifepristone of 200 mg that is also identified as Generic RU486/Mifeprex and Misoprostol of 800mcg (each tablet of 200mcg). While consuming the pill a woman should be sure that she does not consume an abortion pill on empty stomach. By not following the norms of consumption there are chances that a woman might experience some harmful reactions as abortion pill side effects are few and common.

Usually, doctors are questioned by women before using abortion pills that do abortion pill cause infertility? But that matter of fact is that it does not and it is a clear myth. The purpose of a pregnancy ending tablet is to shun the unplanned pregnancy currently and does not have any negative effect on future pregnancy. Women remain fertile and can plan a pregnancy anytime in the future.

Specifications of MTP Kit

MTP Kit is a pregnancy eradicating kit which helps conduct home abortion efficiently. Terminating your pregnancy using the abortion pill kit is safer than surgery and the reasons have already been stated above. MTP Kit is also recognized as Mifegest Kit which is a combination of two essential medications which are Mifepristone and Misoprostol which helps women cope with their uncertain pregnancies. It works best when used in the first trimester and after complete consultation from the health care advisor. Women purchasing the MTP Kit get-

One Mifepristone- 200mg

Four Misoprostol-200mcg each (800mcg)

Mechanism-Procedure-Successful Abortion

While using Misoprostol & Mifepristone ensure that you understand it’s working procedure well. Both the abortion pills hold importance as they function differently yet work to accomplish the purpose of termination.

Mifepristone- Mifeprex is used first which works by blocking the hormone progesterone (progesterone hormone is essential for continuing pregnancy). It starts creating difficulties for the embryo to survive as the supply of oxygen and necessary nutrients stop from reaching the fetus. Thus, it makes the fetus lifeless inside the womb.

Misoprostol- Misoprostol which is often called Cytotec is the second termination pill that creates contractions in the uterus to release the remaining part of the pregnancy. Due to heavy cramps and abdominal contractions, women start experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding. There are chances that women may as well get abortion pill symptoms which can be either some common side effect that are bound to occur during termination at home.  

After-Effects of Abortion Pill

The occurrence of side effects depends on the condition of a woman. Generally, the abortion pill risk can be reflected in the form of certain common as well as adverse side effects which include-

Common Side Effects: The common side effects experienced by most women during medical abortion are dizziness, headache, nausea, tiredness, diarrhea, spotting, and vomiting. Abortion pill bleeding is common and only occurs to expel the pregnancy sections. Women can easily recover from these side effects in a day or two.

Adverse After Effects: Severe side effects include heavy vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, itching, pelvic pain, body weakness. If any woman experiences abortion pill long term side effects as specified above then she should visit the doctor immediately.

Consumption Regime of MTP Kit

The procedure of ingesting abortion tablets has to be clearly understood by healthcare advisors. The abortion pill results are 100% only if you consume the medicine as per the directions stated by the medical advisor. You may as well refer this information for knowing the consumption procedure.

· The first medicine, which is a Mifepristone single tablet of 200mg, is advised to be swallowed orally with a good amount of water. While consumption you need to ensure that the pills are consumed directly by water and you must not chew or crush the pill. By doing so, you may lose the effectiveness of the tablet.

· Post 24-48 hours, as directed by the doctor you need to consume the second abortion pill which is Misoprostol. There are two ways to take Cytotec which are buccally and vaginally. While buccal consumption requires women to place 2 pills each on both cheek pouches, the vaginal process suggests inserting the 4 tablets one by one while resting in a sleeping position.

Overdose Alert

Overdosing any medication can put you in danger. Similarly, abortion pill overdose may vary as per the abortion medication.

In case an overdose of Mifepristone is taken, it can result in irregular heartbeat, seizures, and symptoms of adrenal failure.

Humans have been reported to a 1600mcg tolerance per day of Misoprostol wherein only certain gastrointestinal symptoms were experienced. In the case of overdose problems such as convulsions, hypotension, diarrhea, tremor, etc. have been reported.

Hence in such cases, you must immediately visit the healthcare expert without any delay.

Necessary Precautions

There are several warnings stated by experts who should be taken into consideration and certain precautions that every MTP Kit consumer must keep in mind. Do follow these precautions before and while consumption-

· Abortion pill and alcoholis not a good combination to be practiced. This may cause severe effects on the body. Hence consumption of alcohol while abortion and during the recovery process is not recommended.  

· Women should avoid breastfeeding during a medical abortion. Breastfeeding and abortion pill does not work well as the ingredients of the tablet tend to mix with the breast-milk which can be dangerous for the infant.

· Pregnant women should avoid consuming these pills.

· Women falling in the age group of 35 who smoke should be careful or stop smoking for a few days.

· Patients experiencing hepatic failure, renal failure are generally advised not to consume Mifepristone.

· After the medical abortion process ends, it is necessary to undergo a clinical examination to confirm complete and successful abortion.

Abortion Pill Reversal

The concept of abortion pill reversal states that although the abortion pills are consumed, the process can still be reversed and women can retain their pregnancy. The abortion pill reversal is possible only after you had consumed the first dose of Mifepristone which is taken orally within 24 hours of consumption. But if both the abortion tablets are ingested then it is nearly impossible to reverse the process and retain your pregnancy.

The following side effects can be experienced in case the abortion pill is reversed. Abdominal pain and unstoppable bleeding are major after-effects. If a woman continues her pregnancy and chooses reversal of abortion process, then there are chances that the child would be born with birth defects or probably with some missing body parts as well.  Consult the doctor for a better understanding of reversible abortion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the abortion pill doesn’t work?

The result of terminating the pregnancy using the MTP kit has a success rate of 99%. In some extremely rare cases, women still get pregnant if the medicine is puked or not consumed as per the medical advisor. In that case, doctors advise choosing surgical abortion which is also a safe termination method and is harmless.  

Where to get an abortion pill?

You can easily buy abortion pill online or you may purchase abortion pill over the counter. But most of the women prefer buying it online as abortion pill cost online is affordable and cheaper as compared to other sources. You must have a valid prescription before buying it online as abortion pill without prescription will not be provided anywhere online.