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Dear Member,

Welcome to our —  LuX PreCreate Homes !

Our most anticipated Turn-key Model Homes are, derived from the collaboration of our Building + Decor Manufactures.  An astounding network of Architects, Structural Engineers + Interior Designers — all geared to the launch of a series of homes that are designed to be ‘engineered hurricane impact luxury homes’  —  Lux PreCreate Homes™.

LuX PreCreate Home and it’s Modular Homes, were engineered to solve two critical variable factors in the construction industry that has a direct effect on the overall cost of any project ¦ ‘Time’ of completion based on your Building Method + your Labor-force Cost, which are relative to your completion time-frame.  If these two variables can be altered, by providing a quicker Building Method + a minimize, but yet efficient and effective Labor-force — then such an achievement can reduce the cost of your building project by 60%.

Achieving this massive level of efficiency is always the desire of any construction project, especially when the quality of the work is not compromised — this is what the LuX PreCreate Home project provides.