Auto Shipping from Toronto | Canadian Car Shipping Company

Yes, we do have our own auto storage facility.

Viamar Scilla, being one of the leading names in international auto shipping in Canada, has its own warehouse and loading facility in Mississauga.

We understand the importance of financial coverage for your valuables and the risk of transportation.

Even though our expert team is more than capable of safely handling your property, we provide cargo insurance to cover your personal effects. Call us at 1-800-277-7570 for assistance.

We offer a complete range of services such as door-to-door pickups, as well as terminal-to-terminal services.

We also take care of all paperwork needed for your shipment, including licenses, customs, insurance, bill of lading instructions, express release and so on.

Beyond that, we provide weekly sailing from Toronto to all major destinations in the world.

The duration of shipping depends on various factors, including weather, the location of the pickup and its destination. There are lean and peak periods in the shipping industry which may affect transportation time. It generally depends on the frequency of shipping and distance between locations.