Transportation Management System (TMS) | Kuebix TMS Software

Transportation Management System (TMS) | Kuebix TMS Software

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Negotiated RatesTME Quotes Side by Side

Automatically connect all carriers, for any mode, with Kuebix. View and compare rates side-by-side to choose the best rate and service level for each shipment, saving time and money in the process.

Spot Service

Reduce freight costs by requesting spot quotes for volume freight using Kuebix Community Load Match. Leverage the power and size of the Kuebix shipping community to get the best volume freight rates at the best service levels.


Save time by booking shipments directly with the carrier through Kuebix transportation management system. Once carriers are connected, freight can be booked in the time it takes to book a flight online.


Empower every stakeholder in the supply chain to have full visibility of critical information in real-time. Customers receive the visibility they need to manage their inbound freight more effectively, and internal stakeholders always have the information they need at their fingertips. Tracking enables better service to be provided to customers.

Reports and Analytics

Generate actionable reports and dashboards that enable understanding of every detail of freight spend. Carrier scorecards, financial analytics and shipment trends help to manage carrier relationships more effectively and ensure that smarter shipping decisions can be made. These analytics help to strategically position companies for decreased spend and increased service levels.

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Freight Pay and Audit

Automatically audit carrier invoices against the approved rate quote for each shipment. Kuebix TMS indicates which bills can be paid and then shows the specific rate exceptions, such as an unexpected lift gate fee or an incorrect detention charge, for the bills that need to be disputed. Once an amount to pay has been determined, automatically deduct the exception from the invoice or approve it for processing. Only spend time looking at the invoices that are incorrect, as all correct invoices are automatically approved and set for remittance based on actual payment terms to better manage cash flows.

Financial Management

Kuebix transportation management software allows users to add important GL codes to invoices for every line item so that accurate landed costs by product can be captured and analyzed.

Claims Management

Manage claims through Kuebix’s Track Claims feature. Maintain all historical claim details to ensure no claims go overlooked.

Prepay and Add

Leverage the prepay and add functionality to add a percentage or flat rate upcharge to negotiated carrier rates. These additional fees help to cover costs such as shipping, handling and unforeseen accessorials, positively impacting the bottom line