Oracle Order Management – Defining Freight Carriers

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Oracle Order Management – Freight Carriers Freight Carriers Menu is used to setup carriers, which transports shipments to and from customers, suppliers, and internal organizations. Defining Freight Carriers: India Local Order Management Responsibility > Oracle Order Management > Setup > Shipping > Freight Carriers, Cost Types > Freight Carriers Name & Short Name: Define the Name and Short Name for the carrier. Active Flag: Enable the Active check box and Generic check box, if applicable. SCAC Code: Enter the standard carrier alpha code (SCAC). (Optional) Default Currency: Define default currency for freight carrier cost calculations. Service Level: Select the Service Level for this carrier. Examples of service level include: next day air, ground, and next day air early AM. Mode: Select the Mode (of transportation) for the carrier. Once Service Level & Mode defined each service level and mode combination, Oracle Shipping Execution assigns a ship method and displays it in the Ship Method field. The format of the generated ship method is , Ex: BDHL-Air-Worldwide Express. Define Service level Lookup codes. Organization Assignments Button: Inorder to use the defined carrier in the organization, assign the shipment method to the required organizations. Without assigning to the organization, the shipment method will not be accessed in the organization. Other tabs are optional to define: Addresses/Sites Tab: (Optional) Define Site Number & Address details of the carrier Define the Contact Names & Phone details of the carrier Classification Tab: (Optional) Define the classification of the carrier Rating, Payment Tab: (Optional) Define UOMs, Freight Payment & Audit and rating attributes of the carrier. Define Truck Load & Size restriction details

Now the shipping method can be used while generating sales order.

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