Ross University Experience in Barbados

This housing situation seems to be very stressful for many students. At first, I wasn’t that worried about it since everything seemed to be legit (except for the price, of course). So basically if a roommate of yours decides to move out you are forced to find a replacement roommate or get thrown into an unfavorable housing situation? I was under the impression that once you had a housing unit secured you would stay in the housing unit unless you wanted to move. Does this mean that the price of room and board changes depending on which type of room and house you get moved to? Also, are you saying that if students want to stay on the island during finals/semester breaks they are charged extra?! :unsure: They enter our house whenever they want?! Do they at least let students know when they are coming and what they are coming for? And if faculty don’t live in Coverley, where do they live?

About the food thing, is it cheaper to eat out more often than buying your own food and meal prepping? Or is it just more time-efficient? When I came to visit the campus on the tour, they had us eat at the cafeteria in LESC. I personally wasn’t too fond of the food anyhow. Are you saying the food selection is even worse on a normal day? :help:

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I’m always looking for someone’s honest experience with living in Barbados as a Ross student.