Massy Properties Barbados

Named after its founder Mr. Samuel Paynter Musson, S. P. Musson started out as a wholesale and retail company and was one of the original six (6) companies, which formed the Barbados Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. in 1921.

BS&T was initially a Wholesale Commission Merchant and an Importer as well as an Exporter of Sugar and Molasses.

S. P. Musson Son & Co. Ltd. merged with Dacosta & Co. Ltd. in 1965 and S. P. Musson the company ceased to exist except in the “books”.

In 1981, a study was done by an American company and it was suggested that BS&T start a Property Management company because it owned too many derelict buildings. BS&T then transferred properties from other BS&T companies to form such a company. Thus S. P. Musson was re-established with a new role within the group.

We are well known for our renovation of properties, especially old warehouses. We have received high acclaim for preserving the flavor of the traditional architecture of old Bridgetown. Some of these buildings are Bridge House located in Cavans Lane, James Fort Building in Hincks Street and Musson Building also in Hincks Street.