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CMS project was started in 2005 with a dedicated team of 5 fresh software developers. With the passage of time the CMS system has bloomed out with the support of over 25 dedicated software engineers contributing in it’s development. Leaders in the software industry like IBM, HCL, ITI, Redhat, MIND, Neoware, VXL, Anologics, Parrus IT, Palas, 3M have been contributing their resources in it’s development.
At present the software has Freight, Shunter, Coaching, SMS, Loco Inspector, QUICK and many more modules in use. New immerging technologies and challenges like Remote Management of the thin client from a centralised location and time syncing of all the clients to one time standard have been adopted in the CMS system.
The project has been spread out to entire Indian Railways with nearly 300 lobby location and is used by over one lakh users regularly. The team has taken a leap forward by launching Electrical Loco management software in June 2009 on Jhansi Division. The Electrical Loco management software is being developed by the same team and is likely to be fully developed by June 2010.