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Islands for Sale in Caribbean


With its laidback lifestyle and friendly people, the Caribbean represents the ideal for a tropical island hideaway. Freehold islands are rare in the Caribbean, except in the Bahamas. That rarity is reflected in the premium price tags for Bahamian property most islands cost at least one mil… + Read More lion dollars. But the Bahamas aren’t the only game in town; the Caribbean region includes places as far north as Bermuda right down to southerly Tobago. The close proximity of island territories to each other makes the region a sailing haven… land is never too far out of sight on the waters of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean’s volcanic past left behind a lush and fertile archipelago of over 7000 islands. The lava has subsided for the most part, but the region can still be volatile when it comes to hurricanes and storms. Bad weather aside, it’s the area’s spectacular climate that draws island buyers. The Caribbean is quite accessible and provides a warm weather escape when most of the western world is shivering indoors.

Each Caribbean territory has its own particular remnant of colonial influence – the British might prefer Barbados and the Dutch may like to buy islands in the Antilles. Each island nation has region specific requirements for real estate transactions. Non-residents of the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla require special licenses in order to purchase property. These licenses may also include a background check and a police reference. Patience is required when purchasing private island property in the Caribbean, but to own property anywhere in this idyllic region is well worth the wait.   – Read Less