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Closure of walk-in services

In response to COVID-19 social distancing precautions, DHP’s public reception area is closed to walk-in services.. Read More.

Fee changes

For the first time since 2002, on October 14, 2020 there will be an increase in fees.  For more information please click here

COVID-19 Updates as of 9/25/2020

In response to Governor Northam’s declared state of emergency regarding COVID-19 and as authorized in §54.1-3307.3, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy offers the following information and provisions for the duration of the declared emergency. Emergency Provisions During the COVID-19 Declared Emergency – Updated 9/25/2020

HHS Vaccine Allowances for Pharmacists during COVID-19 Health Emergency

COVID-19 Testing Resource Document

Statewide Protocols 

The statewide protocols for pharmacists prescribing and dispensing of certain drugs will be available once emergency regulations take effect – likely in January 2021.

Mandatory E-Prescribing of Opioids Effective July 1, 2020

Click here to read the related article in the July 2020 e-newsletter.

Request for Application

The Board of Pharmacy has issued the following Request for Application (RFA) to solicit applications for a permit to operate a pharmaceutical processor in Health Service Area (HSA) I.  As authorized in law, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy may award conditional approval for only one pharmaceutical processor in this health service area.  In order to be considered for selection, an Applicant must submit a complete Application for a Pharmaceutical Processor Permit for HSA I with required documentation and application fee in accordance with this RFA no later than December 4, 2020 at 2:00p.m. EST. Please review the RFA for specific application requirements.


Have you downloaded COVIDWISE, Virginia’s COVID-19 exposure notification app? Add your phone to the fight here.


Regulations Effective December 11, 2019

Periodic Regulatory Review Complete; Regulations Effective December 11, 2019 – click here to access Crosswalk for Regulatory Changes.

Opioid dosage guidance

HHS Releases Guide for Clinicians on the Appropriate Dosage Reduction or Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Analgesics – click here

Scam Alert

The Department of Health Professions (DHP) has been made aware that some licensees have received fraudulent communications from individuals claiming to be from one of our licensing boards, such as the Board of Pharmacy, or another agency, such as the DEA. The communications, often by phone, may threaten arrest or license suspension, demand personal information, or require the payment of fines. Please note: 

  • Phone calls may “spoof” DHP or a Board and appear to be from our number;
  • If you need to verify the identity of a DHP investigator or inspector, call (804) 367-4691 or email;
  • DHP will never demand that you provide personally identifying information, such as social security number, date of birth, bank or credit card account numbers over the phone;
  • These type of licensing scams are a problem nationwide.

 If you believe you are the recipient of a fraudulent communication claiming to be from DHP:

  • Notify DHP at 804-367-4691, or email;
  • Report the communication to local law enforcement or the Virginia State Police;
  • The Federal Trade Commission also accepts reports about “Imposter Scams” through the FTC Complaint Assistant, or at 1-877-382-4357. These reports are used to aid ongoing investigations.

The Drug Enforcement Administration also has warned of imposters posing as DEA agents. Information and reporting of these scams can be found at this DEA website

Notification of Changes to Issuance of Licenses

The Board of Pharmacy is implementing a process to cease mailing hard-copy licenses, registrations, and permits on an annual basis that bear an expiration date. Licensees must still continue to renew their licenses annually or as required, submit payment, and attest to compliance with obtaining any required continuing education. Read more here.

Scheduling of Gabapentin

Information for scheduling of Gabapentin may be found here.

Pharmaceutical Processors-Cannabis Oil

Information regarding pharmaceutical processors and the dispensing of cannabis oil.

Transfer of Unfilled Prescriptions for Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances

DEA has clarified the conditions under which a prescription for an unfilled prescription for a Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substance may be transferred.  Click here to read more.

Regulations for Prescribing Opioids, Buprenorphine; New PMP Reporting Requirements; Naloxone Brochure Updated

Click here to view the Regulations Governing the Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine – effective 8/8/2018 

FAQs about the Prescribing of Buprenorphine for Addiction and Opioids for Pain

REVIVE! Pharmacy Dispensing Brochure – This brochure is designed for pharmacists to distribute along with naloxone.

Additional information regarding REVIVE!, the Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education program may be accessed here.

Drug Disposal

How a consumer may properly dispose of unwanted prescription drugs.
Guidance from the FDA
List of Authorized Collectors of Drugs for Destruction

Buying medicine online

For information about buying medicine online, visit the Consumer Protection section of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® NABP®) Web site.
For more information:
Buying Medicine and Medical Products over the Internet from the FDA

Extension of renewal requirements for deployed military and spouses

Virginia law allows active duty service people or their spouses who are deployed outside the U.S. to have an extension of time for any requirement or fee pertaining to renewal until 60 days after the person’s return from deployment.  The extension cannot last beyond 5 years past the expiration date for the license.  For more information, please read attached policy and contact the applicable board for your license.

View and download the available guidance documents from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

of upcoming Board meetings and minutes from past Board meetings.


The Virginia Department of Planning & Budget has designed a Regulatory Town Hall for anyone interested in the proposal of regulations or meetings of regulatory boards.

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