Bermuda Shipping – Maritime Authority

About Bermuda Shipping & MARITIME AUTHORITY

The Bermuda Ship Registry has existed since 1789 and in its present form has been an internationally successful register since the 1980s.

Bermuda ships are British ships and fly the red ensign, although they are not UK ships and the Bermuda Flag is not an EC or EU flag. The Bermuda Ship Register is a part of the wider Red Ensign Group (REG) which includes the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands and the UK. This group collectively provides high quality ship registry services to discerning clients.

The Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority (BSMA) was established in 2016 to undertake the business of the former Government Department of Maritime Administration.

BSMA is a Category 1 Red Ensign Register able to register British ships of unrestricted type or tonnage.

The Bermuda Ship Register maintains a high-quality fleet comprised of cargo and passenger ships, including some of the world’s first Safe-Return-to-Port compliant passenger ships. BSMA also support a large number of gas carriers, tankers, container ships, bulk carriers and ro-ro ships as well as supporting clients in the  offshore oil and gas and yachting industries.

Our ships are consistently ranked highly by all Port State Control MOU’s and the United States Coast Guard.

BSMA delegate completion of the survey aspects of many Statutory conventions to Bermuda approved Classification Societies, however unlike many other Flags we do not delegate the following:

  • Passenger Ship Safety
  • International Safety Management (ISM)
  • International Ship and Port Security (ISPS)
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

These are retained to enable Bermuda to develop a thorough understanding of each ship and allows us to provide the highest levels of support to our clients. Our experienced and highly qualified surveyors attend each Bermuda registered vessel to conduct the required audits, inspections and surveys.

Because of this Bermuda does not require additional annual Flag State Inspections.