ALS Freight Management, LLC – Creating Transportation Solutions

ALS Freight Management, LLC – Creating Transportation Solutions

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  • Effective January 31st, FedEx Freight and FedEx National LTL integrated their networks into one company: FedEx Freight. They offer two service levels; Priority and Economy. FedEx Freight Priority is the fast transit choice and FedEx Freight Economy is the more economical LTL choice, which is one additional transit day over FedEx Freight Priority. Both service levels feature all-points coverage. For more information please contact ALS.
  • UPS Freight LTL is now available through the LTLRater. While everyone has seen the familiar brown UPS trucks delivering small packages nationwide, some may not be as familiar with UPS Freight services. We’’re pleased to welcome them aboard, to help us serve your LTL freight needs.
  • As part of ongoing efforts to make the LTLRater even more useful for our customers, support has been added for pallet rates. AACT has recently offered some very aggressive pallet pricing for some intra- and inter-terminal moves, and those prices have already been loaded into the rater.
  • Beginning March 2, 2009, Roadway Express and Yellow Transportation will serve customers as YRC, Inc. This will involve a few minor changes for our customers. Please see your LTL Rater page for details.
  • LTLRater shippers can file loss and damage claims through the system. Please review the claim help system for requirements and tips on submitting claims. The claim guide can also be accessed from the LTLRater directly, under Reports/Misc Functions from the lefthand navigation bar of the LTLRater.
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