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Your new life starts here

MoveHub is here to make moving simple. Whether you are relocating to a new part of the world or just moving to the other side of town, our network of trusted partners will provide you with everything you need to plan and action your move today.


For a stress-free move

We know transferring all of your personal property to a new country can seem daunting – that’s why we’ve created advice guides packed with all the information you’ll need to help you understand how the moving process works.

International Shipping

Transition you can trust

Our partners have developed a variety of solutions to fit every budget, timescale and move – use our international shipping tool to learn more about  your personal journey.

Helpful International Shipping Articles


Discover the world

Head over to our blog and check out our latest research into world trends – from the cheapest place to buy a bottle of wine to the best countries for people looking to purchase their first home.

  • Romantic Traditions from Around the World

  • Where You Should Move to in 2016

  • Why You Should Live Abroad at Least Once

  • How to Keep in Touch after Moving Abroad

  • The Top 15 Cities in the World for Dating, According to Tinder

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