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Urban Freight Score Research Project

Truck freight accessibility is a vital factor to growing economies in metropolitan areas. This research project will develop a quantitative measurement system called a “Freight Score” to evaluate the accessibility of various locations in the city for trucks. The Freight Score is analogous to other scoring systems used to quantify aspects of the built environment, such as walkability.

The SCTL Center will work with freight stakeholders in the Urban Freight Lab to determine which public and private infrastructure features are desirable, collect data sets that accurately depict the built environment, and build a GIS framework to identify and score the ease with which trucks can make deliveries in downtown Seattle. Freight Scores will be validated in interviews with users, and in a second case study. For maximum utility, scores will be calculated differently for urban, suburban, and rural locations, and may be calculated differently for different vehicle or delivery classes. The score will also be designed to evaluate the freight impacts of Smart Growth-based planning principles which support compact urban development, but may impede freight mobility. For more information, contact Dr. Anne Goodchild at