Prescription Shipping Information

Thank you for trusting us with your prescriptions and the opportunity to serve you. It has come to our attention there are delays with the USPS mail service and timely delivery of your prescriptions. We have been told these delays can be up to 7-10 days however, most recently we have seen a few that have been almost two weeks.

Pharmacy Solutions handles each prescription with care and timeliness. We ship each filled prescription the same day if the Rx is received by 2 pm.

Please plan accordingly when ordering your refills and know we are doing everything we can to ensure your medications are received in a timely manner. You always have the choice to have your Rx sent by UPS or FedEx.

If this is your request, please call the pharmacy at 817-274-0050. While we are not in control of the USPS system, we apologize this has become an inconvenience to you and we are doing everything we can to communicate the options to each patient. Please let us know if you have any questions.