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We know you want to get in, get out and get it there – fast. With fewer steps and greater functionality, MyDHL+ integrates your most important online shipping services all in one place, all in one powerful tool. So it’s faster and easier than ever to ship your way, on your schedule, on your terms.

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MyDHL+ uses a forward-thinking design to provide an online experience that best fits your needs. Users can choose a guided step-by-step navigation – in which a synopsis of key information is always visible – or a single-screen navigation that moves more quickly through the shipping process.


Registered users will now enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency with the use of a customizable Dashboard interface that puts the most important information and tools right at your fingertips. This feature can be used to quickly create exports and imports, view rates, get quotes and determine your shipment status. You can also customize quick links, view shipment history and much more.


We streamlined the importing and returns processes, enhancing many of the features that will be familiar to online importers already using MyDHL+. There’s no need to access a separate application. No import account? No problem. The importer can pay with a credit card, create a return label and share it via email with the return shipper.

Registered Users can also use MyDHL+ to authorize their employees, external vendors, clients and anyone else they wish to use their account. The system lets you share as much or as little information and access as you like – making the entire importing process quicker and more efficient.


We know that filling out Customs documents can be confusing, time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why MyDHL+ includes state-of-the-art functionality to help guide you along the way, making the process faster. The system also asks intuitive questions to help you correctly fill in more complex required information.

The application also conveniently gives you instant access to Commodity Tariff Codes required for Customs clearance. This critical feature saves you the time and hassle of looking codes up yourself. More importantly, it helps to ensure the accuracy of your documentation, which can prevent delays in the Customs clearance process and give you a more precise estimate of your duties and taxes.


Are you a Guest User requesting a pickup for a return shipment? Or maybe you’re an advanced user with more complex scheduling needs? MyDHL+ enables anyone to arrange single or multiple pickups in just a few clicks.

Plus, Registered Users have access to the My Pickup feature, which enables you to view all of your scheduled pickups at a glance – including upcoming ones, as well as those previously completed or even cancelled.