Graduate entry pharmacy

You may be eligible for graduate entry if you have a minimum distinction average of 70% (or equivalent) and have graduated from a relevant degree in the last ten years. Relevant degrees include:
– Bachelor of Biomedicine
– Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
– Bachelor of Science

If you’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Science, we’ll take into account the number of relevant subjects you’ve completed. The units completed in the degree should be appropriate and science based. If a number of electives have been completed in arts, for instance, there may not be enough relevancy for consideration.

Concerning pre-requisite subjects, please review the following points:
1. Must-have pre-requisites include Chemistry, Higher Level Maths, English and Physiology.
2. Along with tertiary units, we can accept the required pre-requisites Chemistry and Higher Level Maths from Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or secondary school equivalents.
3. At least one Physiology unit must be studied at a tertiary level.*
4. English can be met if it was the language of instruction for your degree
5. Other recommended but not required pre-requisites include Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

  • *The physiology unit studied should have similar course structure and outcomes to one of the following Monash units:
    – BMS2031 – Body systems
    – PHY2042 – Body systems physiology
    – DEV2022 – Human anatomy and development: Tissues and body systems
    – Human biology online short course
    The study of plant physiology will not meet the requirements. The faculty reserves the right to determine whether requirements are met.

In order to undertake your professional experience placements, you will also need to complete working with children checks, police checks and meet immunisation requirements.

Further questions about entry requirements? See our frequently asked questions.

What are my chances of getting in?

If you’ve met the minimum average of 70% (distinction or equivalent) in one of the above degrees, we encourage you to apply.