The Ezbarrel Caribbean Shipping Services Company provides first-class services for all your moving requirements to the Caribbean. We ship either by sea or air. we are a reliable shipping company shipping to the Antigua,shipping to the Dominica,shipping to the St Lucia,shipping to the Barbados,shipping to the St Kitts,shipping to the Trinidad,shipping to the Jamaica,shipping to the Grenada,shipping to the St Vincent,shipping to the St Croix,shipping to the St Thomas,shipping to the St Martin from barrels to cars

“We offer quick and powerful logistical solutions.”

Logistics is simply ensuring that the right items are in the right place at the right time. EzBarrel continues to do it ‘right’ for all its customers for years and continues to take pride in handling important logistical tasks for its customers.

The decision to get your cargo to a destination is driven by your needs. You have a date that you need things to happen by, let us know and we will make it happen. We are shipping simplified.