Applying for Admission into United States

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A: Under INA § 212(a)(1)(A), aliens seeking to travel into the United States who have certain health-related issues may be inadmissible. Should it be necessary, a physical and/or mental examination of an applicant for admission should be conducted by a panel physician. When CBP officers encounter an alien at a port of entry who may be inadmissible under public health grounds, the CBP officer may refer the alien to a panel physician. In those circumstances, the CBP officer will provide the alien with the list of panel physicians. In that case, the alien will have to go to one of the panel physicians for an evaluation before again presenting themselves for admission. The panel physician will notify CBP of the results of the examination, so that CBP can make an admissibility determination.

The panel physician evaluation is valid for only one year. Thus, even if you have previously had such an evaluation, if it has been more than a year since the examination was conducted, a new examination will likely be necessary.