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It is a common fact that freight forwarding services in the world is the unlicensed type of business activity. The majority of valuable cargo shipping companies are members of the Trade Association which represents logistics services in various countries. The organization has an official status and is managed by the board of executive and non-executive directors.

Nowadays there is an expanded network of cargo transportation companies and third-party logistics services for valuable cargo transportation. Looking back into the history of freight forwarding, the first logistics companies were founded in Europe. The executive director of the earliest shipping and valuable cargo transportation, Thomas Meadows, issued a written statement, in which the basics of freight forwarding business had been developed. Later, freight forwarding became a leading industry in Europe and North America.

Historically, the primary goal of the valuable cargo shipping was to agree with various carriers on different shipping terms and rates for CMR-Insurance. The responsibilities of the freight forwarder also included documentation management and adherence to customs requirements. In modern times, cargo transportation companies are involved in performing the same functions, though the scale of their responsibilities has been expanded significantly.

Today in everycountry valuable cargo transportation company operates either as a local freight forwarder or a global provider with a network of overseas agents and branch offices found internationally. There is a broad range of internationally recognized cargo shipping companies in the world rendering freight forwarding services to a large group of trucking services, manufacturing and warehousing companies.

Service Providers and Terms of Valuable Cargo Transportation

Over a half of freight forwarding companies in the world (for instance like DHL, APS or FedEx) provide reliable door-to-door delivery, groupage consignments and multimodal transportation of valuable goods by sea, air and railroad. It should be mentioned that regulations of local and international transportation are becoming stricter, and cargo transportation companies are expected to verify the security of their services in the nearest future. There are also limitations implied on transportation of untreated timber pallets and cases in the world. There are only a few ways you can transport valuable cargoes with estimated cost over 400.000 EUR:

Some of the freight forwarding providers actively promote environmentally friendly approach to cargo transportation, and are interested in reducing negative transport impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly freight forwarding services in the United Kingdom has become possible due to reasonable choice of transportation modes and commitment to social well-being and environmental safety.

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