20ft Used Shipping Containers | Containers Direct

20ft used containers are essentially a metal box made from corten steel which makes them waterproof, extremely strong and very difficult to damage or break into. Most of our 20ft boxes are what we term FG containers; that’s Furniture Grade, meaning they have been selected to be of good enough condition in which to store household items and other goods where quality matters. The next step up from the FG would be a new 20ft shipping container.We have a good range of great value, new and used 20 foot FG storage containers for resale, at market leading prices. All our used 20ft shipping containers for sale will all have been quality checked or refurbished to ensure they are structurally sound and watertight before they are released for sale at a competitive price. To further assure our customers of the highest standards in the industry, we only select good quality FG used containers, and all of our 20ft second hand shipping containers come with a 12 month warranty. These standards also apply to our used 40ft shipping containers for sale. Used boxes can vary in terms of cosmetic appearance, but an exterior repaint will help cover any cosmetic damage and wear and tear.