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Barbados Island Guide – Totally Barbados

Are you looking for a great holiday in Barbados? Learn all about the island in our travel guide, suitable for both locals and visitors.

Come for the holidays and enjoy the sunshine and warm, friendly people. 

Within our island guides, you can be sure of staying up-to-date with useful information about our Caribbean island.

Both travelers and locals (also known as Barbadians or Bajans) will find insider tips and advice about local events, relevant facts, and information, as well as an insight into the rich culture and heritage of the island.

With our white sandy beaches, hotels, fine dining restaurants, and exciting nightlife, guests will always experience the charm and friendliness of the Bajan people.

Helpful Top 10 Guides will ensure you have the best experience on this Caribbean island. Learn about the most popular amenities at the top beach resorts, hotels, and other accommodation options. Take advantage of exclusive special offers, discounts, and coupons to save on your holidays.

Plan your time with our local events calendar to ensure you get updated schedules, dates, and times of important events and activities.

Are you on a cruise and looking for a one-day shore excursion? 

Sightseeing tours will pick you up from the Bridgetown cruise terminal, and take you on island tours to see and experience the beauty of our island.

Choose to go on a catamaran cruise and swim with the turtles. You can join up with a group for a casual lunch at two or three selected attractions. All visits are scheduled to ensure you get back in time for the departure of the ship.

Should you wish to stay longer than your projected holiday, you will find helpful information on our website. View the immigration requirements, working regulations, and information about renting a property and other real estate options to help you get started.

You will find all of this and more on the World Travel Awards – Worlds Leading Travel Destination Website.