Employer: Pharmacy

Gray text appears on a white and beige background. Exterior shots of an Optum office building. People in white coats walk along aisles of containers and office corridors.


MALE NARRATOR: We are part of Optum, a leading provider of integrated health services. With more than 20 years of experience, OptumRx has grown to become one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the United States.

People in white coats examine pill bottles. A man walks down an aisle between containers. A woman speaks inaudibly on a headset. In a series of shots, employees busy themselves at tasks and smile at the camera.




NARRATOR: Over the years, through continued growth, our workforce has maintained a dedication to individualized attention toward clients and members. Look around, and you’ll see highly trained teams of pharmacists, technicians, researchers, and other leaders, all focused on getting things right and all working to put the values of integrity, compassion, and performance into every action.

Employees examine pill bottles. Gray and orange text appears onscreen.

ON SCREEN TEXT: 1 Billion Prescriptions

Retail, Mail, and Specialty

ON SCREEN TEXT: 66 Million Members

ON SCREEN TEXT: 67 Thousand Network Rx

NARRATOR: OptumRx is projected to process over 1 billion retail, mail, and specialty prescriptions for over 66 million members through 67,000 network pharmacies by the end of this year.

People in white coats examine pill bottles. People in blue scrubs wear masks and look through microscopes. Machines scan pill bottles. A group of people walk together.

NARRATOR: A company with a full spectrum of services that includes clinical research and disease management, along with innovative tools and processes that improve health, all brought together by teams committed to service, delivery, and constant modernization.

A door emblazoned with the Optum RX logo slides down. The camera pans over a room full of workers at cubicles. States turn from gray to orange on a map of the United States.


NARRATOR: Look around. See a growing company that’s creating jobs, hiring at sites across the nation…

The camera pans over employees’ smiling faces.

NARRATOR: Team members with a shared excitement of being part of making the health system better, one that keeps individualized attention…

A trio of videos shrinks to fit side by side beneath gray text.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Compiling Streamlining Sharing Data

ON SCREEN TEXT: OPTUMRx UnitedHealthcare


NARRATOR: While also compiling, streamlining, and sharing data from the Optum-UnitedHealthcare enterprise in ways that carefully support each member…

The camera pans over employees’ smiling faces. A man looks at his cell phone. A finger taps a menu item on a smartphone screen.


NARRATOR: And employee teams trained and dedicated toward quality and clarity, from clinical adherence programs that improve member health…

In a split screen, a woman in a white coat taps a tablet and a hand uses a spatula to count pills.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Medical Pharmacy

NARRATOR: To a specialty medication program that is unique in managing across both medical and pharmacy benefits.

More smiling employees. A man in a white coat uses a magnifying glass to examine pills in a bottle. A man holds a pill bottle and types on a laptop in a home office. People meet in a conference room. Small video icons cover the screen and blend into the Optum Rx logo.


NARRATOR: As we move forward, and as you look around, you’ll see an organization dedicated to its members, clients, each other, and an overall better health system.