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DATE: 08/22/09

Shipping to Barbados can be accomplished with Amerijet’s international cargo shipping services. With air and ocean cargo options, along with door to door service Amerijet provides full service shipping options to Barbados and all of the Caribbean. All types of commodities can be shipped, including hazardous materials, live animals and plants, and personal belongings.

Shipping Live Animals When shipping live animals to Barbados, you will need to follow all domestic and international regulations. Imports regulations include providing documentation verifying the health of all animals being shipped and providing proof of vaccinations as required domestically and internationally. Shipping to Barbados will also have specific regulations depending on the type of animal that you are shipping. Other items can also be considered living organisms, such as plants, seeds, and viable eggs. Amerijet can help you determine the proper procedure when shipping these items to Barbados or any of the surrounding regions in the Caribbean. If you need assistance determining the proper documentation or process for shipping to Barbados, then your Amerijet customer service representative can help you with any questions that you may have, and provide guidance throughout the shipping process.

Ports In Barbados Amerijet offers shipping in all of the major ports in Barbados, and all eleven parishes on the island. With local offices in Barbados, you can take advantage of inland shipping services in addition to air and ocean cargo transportation. Shipping options include refrigerated, frozen and chilled storage, shipments of hazardous materials and vehicle shipping. All items can be sent directly to the recipient using Amerijet’s door to door shipping services. Some of the most common requirements when shipping to Barbados include providing a waybill and a certificate of origin. These documents must accompany your shipment when it reaches customs. Amerijet shipping can help you will all aspects of shipping, including guidance through documenting your items.

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