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PRICE Caribbean Shipping Service


Pick up fees: Range from $10.00 to $250.00 depending on where you live and depending on the among of cargo over a 100 miles. We charge a small amount for drop off on barrels.

To meet your convenience we have options on our barrels
Call for price on small and medium boxes due to minimum charge
75 gallons Jumbo barrel (3ft 8″ tall) $40.00
55 gallons large barrel (3ft tall) $25.00
55 gallons large plastic barrel (3ft tall) $40.00
Super Plastic Jumbo (3ft 8 inches Tall, holds 77 gallons ) $60.00

*Shipping and Empty Barrels Cost are subject to change at anytime*.

Plastic Drums Open or Closed Head

Gallon Height Diameter Weight
77 44.5″ 23″ 20 lbs
55 35″ 23″ 22 lbs

Fiber Drums Open Head

Gallon Height Diameter Weight
65 41″ 22″ N/A
55 33″ 22″ N/A

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