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Welcome to International Freight Forwarding Wiki.

More and more companies often we observe international freight forwarding services as a neccessary part of the business. They deliver parts and ready-made product, furniture and household appliances, construction materials, decorations, somebody’s belongings, etc. Freight forwarding is normally arranged by an international logistics company as well as by a sole proprietor who takes responsibility for cargo transportation and security.

In order to have valid security guaranties and CMR-insurance, it is necessary to contact with a transportation services company. When signing a contract, read it attentively and carefully, otherwise you may suffer dramatic financial damage. Not all international logistics company provides fair and secure freight forwarding service.

Today, the industry of cargo transportation has wide variety of logistics services provided by companies like APS. It is important considering services prices for international trucking services, as well as the range of services provided by a company. The competition is high in this niche. This is why every international logistics company does its best to stand out among the others in order to attract clientele.

The well-known freight forwarders offers a wide selection of possibilities and variations for cargo transportation. Choosing a international freight forwarding company it is recommended to stick to some rules.

  1. First of all, consider the reputation of the company as well as how long the company is functioning in this industry. The older the company, the less the chances it will vanish with your freight.
  2. Secondly, pay attention to the form and structure of the contract. Make sure that all the terms are correct and acceptable. It has to be official document with company logo, signature and correct dates.
  3. Thirdly, try to learn as much as possible about the details of the cargo transportation process. Inquire about the guarantees and insurance for your freight and about the accompanying documents. In case it will be a long-distance transportation, ask for satellite cargo tracking, too.

A mature freight forwarding company will provide the following services:

Moreover, keep in mind that a serious and reliable international logistics company will select the vehicle according to the cargo’s characteristics, weather conditions and potential route hazards, such as crossing mountains or location covered with deep snow. And finally, remember to state clearly the delivery option and fines for a delay, if you want to get compensation for the damage you might suffer on behalf of freight forwarder.

References: – a free encyclopedia article containing main definitions about international freight forwarding. – a how-to article with tips to choose a transportation services provider.


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