Delhi Customs New Delhi India

Delhi Customs New Delhi India

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From the Chief Commissioner’s Desk

Delhi Customs Zone, a field formation under the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, is committed to unrelenting support and facilitation to all stakeholders in line with Government’s agenda to promote ease of doing business. We strive to realize the revenue in fair and transparent manner in accordance with the applicable tariff and trade policies. As part of our action plan, we endeavour to help members of trade to enhance their cost competitiveness, encourage voluntary compliance and build mutual trust on one hand and take measures to combat duty evasion, commercial frauds and smuggling activities on the other hand.Read Full Message Here

Whom to approach

Foreign Post Office (FPO) Shri S K Mishra , ADC

Shri Arvind Malhotra, AC

TOLL FREE:1800110133,
011- 23238917 FAX:23235915
Courier Terminal (NCT)

Ms. Jyoti Virdi, DC

Shri. A K Sapra, DC

Shri. Sunil Shrivastava, AC



IGI Airport Shri Jayant Sahay, ADC 011-25654901/25652090
General Shri. Jayant Sahay, ADC 011-25654901
Air Cargo Import Mr. Nagendra Yadav, ADC 011- 25652380
Air Cargo Export Shri K R Madhar, ADC 011-25655128
Tughlakabad Import Shri Hari Shankar, ADC 011-26369370
Tughlakabad Export Ms. Farah Iqbal, ADC 011- 26368850
Patparganj Dr. Abhishek Chandra Gupta, Additional Commissioner 011-21211120

Protect Yourself From Fraud :

Instances have come to the notice that number of persons are getting telephonic calls as well as e-mail and letters by post asking them to deposit money in individual bank accounts making claim that Customs Officer have stopped clearance/ release of gift parcels/ rewards unless a certain amount is deposited towards customs duties, penalties etc. and a bank account number is also given where the money is to be deposited.
Another common modus operandi is to send an e-mail stating that the recipient has won a prize or a parcel has been sent and money is to be deposited. All such calls/ mail are fake with the sole intention of cheating the public.
The General Public is hereby notified & forewarned not to respond to such fake calls/ mail as Customs Officer do not make telephonic calls or send such mail to deposit amounts in individual bank accounts. Customs Department is not responsible in any way for any such fraudulent incidents and complaints, if any, in this regard may be made to the Police.


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