Audit & Payment – Full Strength Freight Management by TCR

Audit & Payment – Full Strength Freight Management by TCR

TCR Freight AuditTransportation Cost Recovery, Inc. (TCR) specializes in all aspects of freight audit management, including parcel & package auditing. Furthermore, our expertise is fully realized when outsourcing key roles of your freight management functions such as: Parcel audits, package audits, freight pre-audits & freight payment services.

TCR’s timely and accurate auditing is only surpassed by the extremely flexible and useful online freight management tools, and freight management reporting options we provide our fortune 500 clients. (Don’t worry, clients of any size are welcome to take advantage of our industry-leading freight management services, including parcel audits and package audits.

Freight Auditing

TCR uses the tools & the technology in auditing & payment, that make a tremendous impact for you, especially in your parcel and package freight costs.

Parcel & Package

TCR out-performs anyone in parcel & package audits. TCR saves its clients on average 2%-5% of our client’s worldwide parcel and package (freight) expenses.

Contract Negotiations

Put Transporation Cost Recovery’s reliable expertise & considerable experience to work for your company. TCR’s negotiation services is simply smart business.

Freight Management

TCR puts the “Pro” in professional. Allow TCR the opportunity to show you the potential for saving time and money with our freight management tools.

TCR has the transportation management/auditing experience and offers freight audit for all modes, including small parcel & small package, Truckload, LTL, Rail, Intermodal and more. Experience many benefits when you choose TCR to manage aspects of your transportation management. Please explore our website, and call TCR at (810) 534-7517 with specific questions.

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