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Customs Review is the National Leader in Customs Broker training, with all of our courses approved by the Florida State Bar Association.

Use this Web site to learn more about our Customs Broker educational services. These products will help you pass the Customs Broker License Exam without ever having to step into a classroom!

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Broker-led classes which duplicate everything our DVD course offers will be given in the Miami area. The course of study includes our Study Guide and our experienced Customs Broker instructor.

Call 1-888-846-5508 for more details!

Other cities are being scheduled and will depend upon demand. Call to ask for more info!

Explore Our Customs Broker Video Course!
Discover a new and exciting way to pass the exam. This nationally recognized course has been used by colleges and private institutions. It is now available on DVD. It is perfect for the busy professional or for those do not wish to commute to a classroom. [more…]

What does our Customs Broker Training Course Cover?
Our course curriculum covers 85% – 90% of what will be on the exam. We cover these topics in complete detail with easy to understand illustrations and examples. Our  textbook is permitted in the exam room as an approved reference source. [more…]

NEW! Read a segment of Chapter 2 on entry of merchandise.

How does the Customs Broker Training Course Work?
With 19 Modules of instruction, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to become a Customs Broker. [more…]


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