Palm Beach, FL Luxury Real Estate & Homes for Sale

Palm Beach, FL Luxury Real Estate & Homes for Sale


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Palm Beach Real Estate

The crown jewel of luxury real estate is located just outside Miami in the immaculate clear blue waters of Palm Beach. With Palm Beach real estate at a premium, the affluent have long appreciated the beauty of the island. Pristine, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters have summoned residents such as Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn and, of course, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Since 1896, when the famous Breakers Hotel was built by Henry Flagler, Palm Beach real estate has been the pinnacle of the sumptuous, luxury lifestyle. The wealthier people in the North began to purchase summer homes on Palm Beach to avoid nasty winters. With only ten and a half square miles of land surrounded by water, the narrow island of Palm Beach real estate sold at a premium with only a few able to afford waterfront homes. Complete with two award winning golf courses, it is easy to see how Palm Beach became so popular for people throughout the country. Today, whereas the prosperous lifestyle is still prevalent, the exclusivity has waned to a warm acceptance of tourists and new residents alike. The broad estates feel like homes and the upscale shops of Worth Avenue and top-rated restaurants are unequaled in the rest of the state. There are art galleries, museums and even a zoo on the tiny island. Residents stroll or bike leisurely along streets and appreciate the benefit of a small beach town with the luxury of opulent lifestyles. Those wishing to explore all that the Palm Bach region has to offer in luxury real estate are encouraged to contact Sotheby’s International Realty so we can custom tailor a tour of the island to find your perfect property.


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