American Freight Furniture Reviews

American Freight Furniture Reviews


There are literally none unless you’re an executive that enjoys ruining the lives of people down below by lying and stealing in order to drive a Porsche. Hope you sleep well at night. Most disgusting people I have ever worked for and I worked for multiple large corporations.


– Corporate greed. You will 100% be underpaid by white employees that are filthy rich millionaires. If you want to feel like you’re at your lowest point and an object work here. – Racist. Everyone at the top is white. All the people of color are underpaid and work at the lowest chain. – Secrets, favoritism, and lying. Expect that much. Every day is a burden and the stress of being lied to, deceived, and underpaid will make you truly lose your soul. – layoffs. You’re not valued as a human being and will have 0 job security, guaranteed. Corporate views anyone non C level as a number and you will have 0 job security. They just finished laying off over half the company and took a multi-million dollar bonuses and evenly distributed those bonuses at the top during a national pandemic to not have to pay the little people, aka little objects. – Even the creator and CEO of the company (good man) quit because the greed was too much. They fired the last CEO on short notice and hid it from everyone and lied to everyone about how it happened. If you think your job is ever going to be safe, think again. – unethical. HR releases private documentation and reprimands you. I reported sexual harassment along with 5 other employees and was reprimanded for it. I had to quit for this reason.


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