Group & Pension Administrators | About GPA

Group & Pension Administrators | About GPA

GPA is committed to providing the highest-quality, customized healthcare benefit solutions for self-funded employers and their members. What drives us? Very simply, we care.

As the largest privately owned TPA in the Southwest, GPA is well equipped to deliver the health and wellness solutions our clients need, from cost-management services to patient care. We also recognize that not all employers or their employees are alike. With this in mind, GPA is focused on creating health benefit plans that mirror each employer’s unique culture while controlling cost and enhancing the quality of life for all plan members.

  • Our clients include over 200 privately held and publicly traded companies representing a broad spectrum of employers across the United States
  • Named on the Top 100 Places To Work list by The Dallas Morning News
  • Featured as one of the Top 100 Healthiest Companies in North Texas
  • Less than 4% annual employee turnover with 0% executive, director and management turnover in over 10 years
  • Integrated systems to provide proven savings and results


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