Tig Freight Management

Tig Freight Management

Awful communication, lack of care.

published2 months ago

Ordered a parcel and had tried to contact the seller, once our purchase was confirmed, to redirect as our address was incorrect. I contacted TIG, explaining we needed to redirect (aware there would be a fee).
The seller was efficient and dispatched our parcel right away so we weren’t able to have the seller change this for us.

The man I spoke to on the phone was short, rude and didn’t care about my concern. I asked him to confirm my new address with me and he only confirmed the suburb – using the old address and updating our suburb. He tried …Read more

to end the call and I told him to confirm again, our correct address. He repeated and said it was done. No questions, no fees, no updated ETA. The call ended. I checked up on the tracking as the ETA delivery was 23/4 24/4, with no sign of the delivery I checked our consignment details and the old address was still being used. I called, again. To change the address – which was already discussed. To the lady’s knowledge, we hadn’t been in contact with TIG days ago. There were no updates other than them changing our delivery to *maybe* the 27/4. Which will almost be two weeks from purchase date – this item is travelling from MELB to ADL. We were refused a price over the phone and had to wait for a confirmation email to then wait for them to process our request. Our addresses are less than a 10 minute drive apart. We receive the email and the cost is an ADDITIONAL $40 on top of our already paid delivery fee.

Sender or ReceiverReceiver

Delivery TimeLate

Shipping TypeDomestic




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