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DSV Road acts as an international freight forwarder

Your know-how

Professional freight forwarders advise their customers of the best rates, routings and modes of transporting goods to and from any area in the world. Using the vast resources at their disposal, forwarders find the right match of services available to move goods as timely and cost-effectively as possible. The handling of large volumes of freight gives forwarders a number of advantages not always available to individual shippers or integrated carriers. 

Ever-changing transport markets

The professional forwarder is also aware of the ever-changing regulations affecting cargo movements, such as foreign documentation requirements, rules on hazardous materials, governmental regulations, special packaging or handling restrictions, and any applicable licensing provisions. 

Your requirements

Customised services to fit the customers’ operational needs are the forwarder’s specialty. Forwarders coordinate arrangements for storage, pick and pack services, consolidations or full-container movements as well as inland transportation to provide customers with true door-to-door service. The multitude of services offered by forwarders, from assisting with initial quotations or preparation of pro-forma invoices, the customers’ banking documents for collection, etc., makes the full-service, professional freight forwarder a highly reliable partner in international trade.

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