Freight Management Services – Lojistic

Freight Management Services – Lojistic

Freight Management Services – Lojistic

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Designing and refining an optimal network of carrier partners at market leading low cost shipping rates is an important component of optimal freight management.

In the case of special one-off freight shipping requirements, it is important that a shipper has an efficient means of procuring the best market quote on-demand (spot quote).

Utilizing transportation management software to ensure routing guide compliance and the optimal use of carrier services and rates will maximize freight rate cost saving opportunities.

An essential risk management operation is to verify the accuracy of all carrier invoicing, systematize transportation cost allocation (GL coding), and streamline the carrier payment process.

Transportation data management translated into meaningful and actionable information is also imperative in effective freight management.

A strong relationship with your carrier is critical for securing better rates, and the Lojistic team are experts in turning these relationships into savings.

If your company is working to solve unique transportation objectives and challenges, Lojistic’s freight management services can help.

Carrier Network Design & Rate Optimization

Having the right carrier relationships and working to enhance those relationships is critical for most shippers. The cost of freight shipping services is also important. Lojistic can help to analyze and evaluate the freight rates and services of carriers currently servicing your supply chain. The team at Lojistic can then help to optimize the opportunities identified.

On-Demand Market Freight Quotes (Spot Quotes)

Sometimes the cheapest shipping option is the “price of the day”, otherwise known as a spot quote or volume quote. When your unanticipated volume shipping requirements align with a carrier’s excess capacity, it can be a win-win. Lojistic can provide technology and/or dedicated staff (onsite or remote) to help manage these freight shipping needs.

Transportation Management Software

A network of carriers and negotiated rates only becomes “great” when used according to design. With the execution of every shipment, its critical that service requirements be met at the lowest shipping cost possible. It can also be important for transit information be readily available to the intended recipient of a shipment and those responsible for managing the freight. Lojistic’s transportation management software automates routing guide compliance and provides a singular visibility hub for all shipments.

Freight Invoice Auditing, GL Coding
& Carrier Pay Services

Shipping invoices often times contain errors. Lojistic will verify that all freight carrier invoices are accurate via our guaranteed freight auditing services. Cost allocation, commonly referred to as GL Coding, and freight pay services are available and significantly alleviate our client’s accounting overhead. The result: time saved, overpayment to carriers eliminated and shipping costs properly coded and integrated with your accounting processes.

Data Management & Reporting

We collect and manage your transportation data, but it’s not just about the data. It’s about what the data means. Comprehensive and perfect information results in smart decision-making and higher levels of profitability. Lojistic’s team of experts and advanced transportation management software transforms supply chain data into understandable, meaningful, and actionable information.

Best In-Class Service

Bring a new level of ease to your traffic functions. Guaranteed accurate pre-audits, account coding, bill pay, claims processing, shipment tracking and more. We have a dedicated on-site staff with 24/7 customer support and a host of on-demand reports.

Extensive analysis of your existing programs to look for strategies such as pool distribution, warehouse relocation, consolidation and zone jumping to optimize your shipping. We also evalutate and source the best carriers.

We have developed strong relationships with all major carriers and continue to expand our database of over 8,000 carrier sources. We manage all modes of transportation for domestic and international freight, creating critical partnerships that lead to success.

Our systems are 210, 214 and 856 EDI capable and offer limitless reporting functions. Our clients receive confidential web access to our tools. We are constantly investing in new software and tools to maximize your shipping operations.

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