Luxury Real Estate and Homes for Sale from Brokers Worldwide

Luxury Real Estate and Homes for Sale from Brokers Worldwide

Looking for your dream home? Discover the definitive selection of the world’s best luxury real estate: modern and historic houses, villas and mansions.

JamesEdition is the premier international marketplace to find luxury real estate. On our website, you can browse more than 100,000 luxury homes available for sale in over 50 countries.

Luxury real estate in the USA: Bel Air and Windermere, Malibu and Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, and more (H3)

The US luxury real estate market offers a great choice of properties: on our website, we have more than 30,000 open homes of different types, and in diverse locations.

Buyers can find a home that suits their needs whether they are looking for a contemporary desert property in Colorado, a beachfront mansion in Florida or a ranch in Texas.

According to the JamesEdition data, Miami, Malibu, Fort Lauderdale, Long Island and The Hamptons remain the top choices for second homes in the US; with Florida, California, Colorado, Utah, New York and New Jersey as the most popular states among affluent property buyers. The states of Virginia and Illinois have recently joined this list of top destinations.

Speaking of the affluent US neighborhoods, Bel Air (Los Angeles), Windermere (Florida) and Lake Nona (Orlando) are at the top of user searches in 2020.

The most expensive houses in the US can come with price tags above $140M while prices for the most affordable houses in the luxury segment start with $545,000.

Luxury homes, cabins and mansions in Canada

Canada remains one of the top destinations for international home buyers because of its attractive residency programs There are more than 2,000 open houses on the high-end real estate market in the country.

Vancouver (and specifically West Vancouver), Whistler, Toronto, Quebec, Oakville, Calgary, Victoria and Kelowna remain the most popular locations among foreign buyers from the US and Asia.

Most often, international buyers look for classic stone houses and mansions close to natural landmarks, such as the Niagara River and Banff National Park, or country homes situated near a lake or a forest.

Buying a villa in Europe: French Riviera, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Algarve, Greece, and more

The European luxury real estate market includes vast coastal and inland areas in culturally diverse regions.

The top Mediterranean regions buyers are traditionally fond of the French Riviera, Costa Brava and Costa del Sol in Spain, Amalfi, Ligurian and Tuscan coasts in Italy, Algarve in Portugal, the Balearic islands and the many islands of Greece.

The most sought-after property types in these areas are 2-3 bedroom villas with a pool, a one-story Mediterranean home, country homes with equestrian facilities.

Germany remains an attractive destination for real estate investors. Cities of Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona lead the list of popular urban locations with a modern 2-bedroom apartment as a most “buyable” property.

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