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Work with the True and Trusted Experts in Customs Brokerage

Priority Customs Broker is a team of experienced professionals specializing in efficient and timely clearing of perishables and time sensitive products including fresh and frozen produce, fresh and frozen seafood as well as dry cargo or non perishable cargo. Working with top notch importers and exporters worldwide, our trade services are built on the concept of integrity and attention to detail and we strive to deliver the best in pricing as well as round the clock support 365 days a year.

About Priority Customs Broker

Nationwide Trusted Custom Broker Service

Priority Custom Broker offers fast and guaranteed US customs clearing services for importers and traders pertaining to highest of quality standards and strict deadlines. We make sure that your perishables and non perishable cargo reach their destination in time and you enjoy efficient, top notch and dependable services throughout the year for any shipment.

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