On Orders $35 or More Shipping to the Contiguous United States*

*Excludes P.O. Boxes, APO and FPO locations

Shipping FAQs

1. How much will shipping cost if my order is under $35?

Shipping Estimator button

Go to the checkout page to get a customized estimate on shipping and tax. Must have items in cart. Shipping cost is based on weight and location.

Receiving Location Total Weight of Package Shipping Type Price
Contiguous US 1 lb and Over FedEx Ground $3
Under 1 lb USPS Use Estimator
Outside Contiguous US and P.O. Boxes USPS Use Estimator

(All shipping methods include tracking)

2. Do you offer express shipping?

Express Shipping icon

If you might go into withdrawal, we recommend you select Overnight (1 day shipping time), 2-Day (2 days’ shipping time), or Express Saver (3 days’ shipping time).


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